Hard Rock Developments

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Hard Rock Developments

Concrete & Construction
Tools & Supplies

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Hard Rock Developments

Hand tools, Bag mix,
Brooms, Accessories

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Hard Rock Developments

Sealers, Retarders, release
powders, color

Brackets / Rebar

Hard Rock Developments

Rebar & Brackets

Welcome to
hard rock developments

We are concrete specialists serving the Calgary and southern Alberta markets for over 20 years.

With both a steel fabrication shop and store, we are unique in the market. We offer concrete and construction supplies and tools including foundation brackets, rebar, restoration products,  insulation, concrete finishing equipment, acrylic sealers, form release agents, concrete finishing machines, decorative concrete, and all related accessories. Our fabrication shop manufactures foundations brackets and components for the precast industry.

All things concrete



XPS, EPS & Quiktherm

Brackets / Rebar

brackets & Rebar

1′-12′, corners, spines,
Fiber rebar, steel rebar

Sealers & Related Chemicals

Acrylic sealers, retarders, Cure and seals, Xylene

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Hand Tools

trowels, edgers, poles, rakes, Adaptors

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Bag Mix, Patching Mix, Mortars, Grouts

Concrete repairs, Overlays, Underlayments, and Levelling


Prep Equipment and Power tools

Walk behind power trowels, plate tampers, vibe screeds

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Precast Related Products & Manufacturing

Release agnets, concrete remover, Deactivator

decorative concrete counter top


eco stains, colour bags, counter top bag mix, sealer