Xtreme Lightweight Plus 3 Bag Mix

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XS Ultra light concrete casting mix is a dual component lightweight bag mix able to create cast pieces that can replace heavy, bulky precast concrete architectural elements. XS Lightweight Plus 3 light concrete casting mix greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct traditional architectural detailing and panels. Thinner precast pieces are routine and quicker production times are accomplished. With a wide range of textures and color selection, design considerations are nearly limitless. XS Lightweight Plus 3 provides a durable precast element for a pleasing architectural detail with the lightest achievable weight.

When trying to reduce labor costs on concrete fabrication projects, being able to limit your de-molding and installation crew to only one or two people can be a huge help. With a material density of only fifty-nine pounds per cubic foot, a piece cast in XS Lightweight Plus 3 light concrete casting mix is less than half the weight of a typical cast concrete project. This weight savings can also help to make architecturally engineered specifications a little easier to accomplish, being able to limit the load on multiple story buildings

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Weight 50 kg