Window Well 66″L x 22″P x 12″H

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Window wells permit light, air and access into the basement by holding back the surrounding backfill. These windoe wells are fabricated from corrosion resistant G-90 Pre-Galvanized steel. The 2″ x 1/2″ corrogations provide additional stiffness and regidity. The top edge has a lip for safety and strength. window wells should be 4″ to 6″ longer than the outside measurement of the window frame. The top of the window well should be 3″ to 4″ above the finish grade and 6″ to 8″ below the bottom of the window. The space below the window should be filled with gravel for proper drainage. Attach the window well to the wall by drilling holes through the window well flange and into the wall. Secure with anchor bolts. Backfill with ordinary soil, and granular nmaterial around the outside of the window well. Avoid using large rocks, frozen material and sod.