Sureseal CS125 5 Gallon

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CS 125L is a 12.5% solids, low VOC (400 g/L) finishing membrane that enhances the curing process of freshly placed concrete and provides protection simultaneously. Upon application it forms a water retentive film that beneficially restricts moisture loss allowing concrete to reach its optimal cure and hardness, providing an economical alternative to costly, time-consuming water curing. CS 125L is a satin clear coat helpful in preventing dusting, spalling, moisture and chemical migration through a slab and improves resistance to freeze/ thaw cycles. It protects during the many phases of construction from incidental staining, UV protection, and abrasion resistance. CS 125L improves any concrete upon placement: driveways and sidewalks, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, terrazzo, parking garages, or any other slab, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. This product should not serve as a sealer for concrete overlay systems.

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Weight 50 kg