Surebond White/Grey

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SureCretes SureBond is a single component, just add water, concrete bonding agent for that is a cement based bonding agent specifically developed for SureCretes patching products and SureStamp stamped overlayment, as well as the Deep Level large concrete patching blend. Its only function is to join these products to the host surface (i.e. concrete.) SureBond is composed of a high concentration of latex modifier and cement with a very fine sand for aggregate. SureBond is packaged in a white mix (can add color pack) and a grey mix.

When dealing with thicker texture patching and overlayments for concrete, adhesion can become a serious issue. At SureCrete, we dont recommend our contractors or DIY homeowners take any risks with their decorative and restorative concrete projects by having weak adhesion where they need it the most. Using SureBond in conjunction with your SureStamp and Deep Level concrete projects will help to keep your new surfaces in place for a very long time to come

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Weight 50 kg