Sure Grip Additive 1lb.

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SureCretes SureGrip Additive is a premium grade polypropylene in a micronized fine texture. It consistently out performs other slip resistant additives in durability, due to its inherent crush resistance. The almost spherical shape of SureGrip will also impart a smoother feel than most other slip resistant additives. Low density and insolubility characteristics reduce or eliminate settling when blending into all of SureCretes sealers. SureGrip Additive is a sealer additive. SureGrip Additive is 300 microns or 50 mesh. Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep your children or house-guests safe or a professional coatings applicator working on proejcts that have specified non-skid surfaces, SureGrip Additive offers an extra level of safety that is simple to apply and easy to manipulate to your desired degree of coarseness.

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Weight 1 kg