Spiked Roller 9″ x 7/16″ (59009)

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These spiked rollers are vital in ensuring proper floor coating material adhesion. They are designed to be used on freshly applied floor coatings for the purpose of releasing trapped gas as well as to assist in the leveling process of several varieties of floor coatings. These rollers are easy to clean, allowing for repeated use. The applicator should also wear spiked shoes while using a spiked roller. We manufacture our spikes and end caps out of solvent-resistant High-Density (HD) and Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene, respectively, for easier cleanup and extended wear. Were sure you will find these tools worth cleaning! Spikes are 7/16″ long and the roller is 9″ wide on a special frame for very tight areas. Many factors can contribute to the creation of trapped gas bubbles in freshly applied protective coatings, particularly on floors.