Rescure Clear WB 55 Gallon

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RESCURE 3001 is a fast drying, general purpose membrane curing compound made of high grade hydrocarbon resins in a water borne emulsion. It conforms to ASTM C309 Type I (Rescure Clear) ,Type II (Rescure White) & Type 1D (Rescure Green) Class B, as well as CGSB 90-GP-1. Recommended as an efficient method to prevent rapid evaporation of water in fresh concrete. This in turn ensures complete hydration of the cement, essential to the development of full design strengths. RESCURE 3001 provides a low cost solution to the problems associated with water evaporation in fresh concrete. It is designed to dissipate with normal exposure to sunlight and weather. About 40 to 60 days are typical time periods for this process.