Plate Tamper – 15.5″ x 23″ Honda (VP1340A) (163lbs.)

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The VP-Value Plate series provide a simple, proven design and high quality construction. With a variety of sizes and features available, there is a VP plate for any confined area soil compaction job. Water tank models provide for excellent results on hot and cold asphalt. The guide handle with vibration damping means longer working hours and less fatigue for the operator. Tapered and rounded edges minimize the formation of undesired edges when turning the baseplate and provide a smooth surface and is made of wear resistant ductile cast iron for a long service life. The guide handel is a forward pivoting handle which allows for operations such as upward pulling of the plate when working on a slope.Due to the central mounting of the guide handle the plate can be turned quickly and easily saving time. The bent shape of the guide handle provides stability during lateral operation. It has a large solid lifting eye for safe lifting and handles on the base of the equipment allow easy transportation.