Flashpatch 50lb. Bag

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SureCretes Flash Patch is a single component cement based chemical patching compound system providing a workable, no-slump patch that sets quickly for quicker return to service. Available in a white portland-cement formulation, just add water! Repairing and fixing your partially broken concrete slab may not be the most glorious part of creating a beautiful new cement surface, it is certainly one of the most important steps in a successful decorative or restorative concrete project. This product can help to ensure that whatever coating or overlay is used on top of your repaired slab will stay strong and continue to look wonderful for years to come.

While most cement patching products require a bonding agent and need to be left overnight to cure before any type of coating or overlay can be applied, our Flash Patch bag mix can be applied and is ready to receive a finish coat in a little as 1 hour unlike quikrete. Shortening this process can help you whether youre just a weekend warrior trying to get your cracked concrete done quickly, or youre a professional artisan contractor on a commercial project trying to make sure your clients are able to utilize their new flooring systems as soon as possible and is as easy as mix concrete in a bucket.

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Weight 50 kg