Durakote WB Urethane Clear Tint Base 4 Gallon

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Dura-Kote Water Based Colored Polyurethane floor coating that is a 2 component 57% solids, acrylic polyurethane designed as a non-yellowing thin mil color coating for concrete, cement based overlays, or as a top finish coat on epoxy systems. The high performance pigmented top coat provides the durability of a solvent base system with the ease and safety of a low VOC (73 g/L) water base system. Unlike nearly all polyurethanes, Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane WB has remarkable properties related to vapor permeability that permit its use in an exterior setting. Generating the premier balance of strength, added UV stability, flexibility, chemical and scratch resistance, it is both user-friendly and extremely durable.

Finding an eco-friendly concrete sealer that is also extremely durable can be quite difficult, much less a colored version of that product. Typically, a pigmented, environmentally friendly interior floor coating can only be accomplished using a colored 100% solids or water-based epoxy in conjunction with a clear water-based polyurethane protective top coating. SureCrete has simplified this system, enabling applicators to get a beautiful, durable, eco-friendly water-based concrete floor coating with just one product “ Dura-Kote Colored Polyurethane Water Based. Readily available in a wide array of colors at local distribution centers throughout the country, this colored polyurethane water-based will help you to quickly and beautifully finish your DIY home renovation or commercial project.

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Weight 30 kg