Drymix Codemix 50lb.

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Drymix Codemix is a proprietary blend of clean, well graded sand, cement, lime, fillers and admixtures that is engineered to produce top quality finished properties while maintaining good working characteristics for the applicator. The heart of drymix codemix is the clean, well graded sand. Sand represents more than 70% of the base coat mix and can make or break the quality of the mix. Important issues with the sand are cleanliness, gradation, soundness and strength. Sand that contains coal, soil, ironstone, clay or other materials will be more prone to staining, shrinking or spalling. Sand that is void of important particle size ranges will not pack properly and require more filler particles, cement lime and water. The sand must be sound and strong so as not to break down during handling, application or under attack from normal elements. Use as first or “scratch coat” in a three-coat stucco system or as a second or “brown coat” in a three-coat stucco system. This product will be excellent as a Portland cement plaster basecoat for cementitious or acrylic finish coats or as a patching material to repair Portland cement plaster base coats. When mixed and installed as per instructions, this product will provide the following benefits. It will be a hard, abrasion resistant coating that will withstand reasonable impact and have resistance to rain penetration, thermal changes and normal environmental experiences. It will provide sound resistance and a non-combustible cladding.