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Concrete Countertops Compared to Granite: Which is Best For You?

Have you seen those home remodelling shows where the best kitchen and bathrooms are put together in a matter of minutes. It seems like they know exactly what they’re doing, and everything just falls into place.

Well, here in the real world, we understand that not everything goes together so smoothly. Case in point, the counter top “decision”. Most of these shows pick some exotic granite masterpiece that shows off the kitchen as the focal point of the remodel or flip. At Hard Rock Developments, we know that not every kitchen is suited to a granite countertop, nor is every budget able to absorb the cost.

But what other options are out there, and how do they stack up against granite in terms of price, versatility, and longevity.

What Makes Granite Countertops So Great?

We’ll admit it, granite countertops are sleek and sexy. There’s a reason modern kitchens or high end (think pricey) renovations have them. But what exactly are you getting for the price?

Colour and finish options are plentiful but you’re limited by colours and patterns. Granite is of course naturally occurring, so mother nature makes the decision to some degree.

Fitment and placement limitations need to be considered when choosing granite. Slab dimensions can only be tailored so far, and a professional installer must be used. There is also the issue of seams with larger counters that need multiple slabs to span the entire distance.

Longevity of granite countertops is never a concern. Granite is scratch resistant but needs to be maintained. Since the surface is porous, it should be sealed yearly to prevent staining. Considering that the design is static, kitchens with granite countertops can looked dated after several years.

Price can be the ultimate factor in choosing a granite countertop, but thankfully this option is comparable to concrete counters. Although initial prices are only marginally higher, more exotic designs and larger dimensions will quickly drive up costs.

Concrete Countertops As The “Other” Option

When considering versatility in both shape and design options, concrete is the clear winner.

Colours and styles for concrete countertops are almost limitless3. Countless patterns and finishes can be combined to give a truly unique counter. The only limitation is really that of the installers imagination.

Shapes and sizes again are unlimited. The nature of concrete and its ability as a material to take on any shape or form means that complex edges can be done with ease.

Maintenance and care are similar to granite countertops and can be stain resistant as long as a sealer is used

Price is always at the top of the list for any material used in kitchen construction. With the infinite possibilities that concrete countertops offer, and the comparable price point to granite countertops, it’s easy to see why this option is gaining in popularity.

But Which One Is Best For You?

Thats a hard one to answer. Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough information to make a reasonable choice. But if you’re still unsure, stop by our location and have a chat with our experts. We can show you what e have on stock, or you can even sign up for one of our seminars and try for yourself.