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Hard Rock Developments Inc.
A Canadian supplier of decorative concrete products, construction tools, and supplies.
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Hard Rock is a unique store located in Calgary, Alberta. We service both contractors and homeowners, supplying everything from commercial and residential concrete products to all the decorative concrete products that have become common place in today’s homes, and businesses. Hard Rock offers incredible technical knowledge on all its products, and also offers training classes for the decorative concrete products we sell.

Hard Rock has been in business for 17 years,  and have excelled at the most important aspect of any business. “Customer Service”! Our absolute priority, is to ensure your project is both satisfying and rewarding for you, we pride ourselves on your success. Secondly our products come highly regarded in the industry, we would certainly not sell you anything  that we would not put in our own homes.

Hard Rock offers a unique store and a very unique experience to all its customers. From the moment you walk in the store to the completion of your project, we are here for you. The confidence you gain from shopping at Hard Rock is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Regardless of where you live, we will look after you.


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